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“Dark Shadows” Book Offer

I am selling my two books for a special discount when they are purchased together. Each book is $15 but you can get both of them for $25.

The first is “The Dark Menace of the Universe,” a memoir on creativity that was released in 2005. It is also about the beginnings of my game business. “Dark Menace” received fantastic reviews at amazon.com, placing it among the best reviewed books at their site. The book was so well-received that it led to my permanent alter ego, the Dark Menace.

My latest book (2014) is Shadows on the Road, a book of philosophical musings during a road trip from New York to Hollywood in 2011. The goal of the road trip was to pitch my game product, Champions of the Galaxy, for a movie or television show. There are lots of stories and observations about Tinseltown.

I greatly enjoyed writing both books and am hopeful this special offer will appeal to readers. Go here for more information and reviews of the books or to place an order.

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