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Dark Shadows

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Shadows on the Road

Shadows on the Road

Tom Filsinger, a game creator, psychology professor, and author, traveled by car from New York to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue his dream of seeing his fictional creations adapted for movies and television. During his two-month ride he kept a journal chronicling his adventures in Hollywood and across America.

The stories in the book include a visit to the mansion of a Hollywood mogul, a near arrest for a stolen car in Utah, and a mysterious spiritual quest to Sacramento.

The author describes his visits with celebrity friends in Los Angeles such as Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and television actress Julie Newmar, depicting a rarely seen human side of these iconic figures.

Throughout the book Filsinger utilizes Carl Jung’s trickster motif as an allegory for the wandering nature of the traveler and the spiritual wanderlust in all of us. The title of the book is a nod to Jack Kerouac’s classic, “On the Road”.

All print books will be autographed by Tom unless customer notes otherwise when ordering.

Please note this book has some swearing (a small amount) and some sexual references (again, a small amount).

“Shadows on the Road” is a must-read for everyone. It’s full of spontaneous adventure and people will relate to the journey.” – Connie A. Von Leitner, host of Global Transformation Show.

“Tom’s road trip and California adventures are sure to please the armchair traveler in all of us.” – Off the Beaten Path book store. 

“Tom’s experiences are simultaneously mundane and monumental, with honest commentary on the parade of humanity he sees, without a hint of judgment or alienation. Let’s hope he invites us to ride with him on his next road-trip! ” – Barbara Jean, author of The Non-Prophet. 

“Excellent, natural, well done.” – TV actress, Julie Newmar on “Shadows” book trailer.




The Dark Menace of the Universe

The Dark Menace of the Universe

Tom’s first book published in 2005 is a memoir on creativity. Book description from Amazon.com:

“The Dark Menace of the Universe” is a memoir on creativity written by Tom Filsinger, an Associate Professor of Psychology and game industry entrepreneur. The book is an analysis of creativity as it relates to rebellion and culture. In The Dark Menace of the Universe, Filsinger tells the inside story of how he created card games like Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling. He discusses how he proposed a basic version of his game to the World Wrestling Federation in 1984 only to be rejected in favor of a Milton Bradley game, and how this rejection inadvertently led to the creation and success of Champions of the Galaxy. In addition to being the owner of a game company, Filsinger is also an Associate Professor of Psychology. In The Dark Menace of the Universe he brings together his scholarly interests and game entrepreneurship. “I use the expression, ‘The Dark Menace of the Universe,’ to refer to creativity in general. Creative people are often misunderstood by others and I analyze why this might be the case.” Filsinger uses examples from the lives of famous creators to shed light on his subject, including anecdotes from writer Stephen King, jazz musician Jelly Roll Morton, cartoonist Gary Larson, and others.

“What a great idea for Tom Filsinger, a man who’s both a psychology professor and a game creator, to write about the psychology of creativity. Tom makes every page of this absorbing memoir a thought-provoking reading experience.” -Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and many other Marvel Comics characters. 

“Dark Menace offers a fascinating look into the mind of a man who I feel is one of the most talented game designers the industry has ever seen. Tom has been a huge inspiration to me and having the opportunity to glance at the inner-workings of his thought processes is priceless.” – Cynthia Celeste Miller, President, Spectrum Games.

“The tone of this book is most amiable and enjoyable to read. Filsinger’s psychological and educational theories are well supported with research in the writings of major pillars of our culture and very well supported with personal anecdotes as well. The author’s charisma sweeps one along with a self-confidence that is truly awe-inspiring.” – Robert Plyler, Jamestown Post-Journal. 

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